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Commission based marketing & channel management solution for
smaller hotels & accommodation businesses


Mobilemaniac 2018

Grow As You Go

Pay only from your completed bookings

Mobilemaniac puts 15 years of experience at the fingertips of small to medium sized
accommodation businesses with limited budgets

3 steps of individual development periods at no upfront costs, that let your business grow step by step, in your own tempo.

Wholly supported and maintained by professional IT and design experts, paid as you go, from your actual bookings only.

Includes website, hosting, booking system, channel manager, on site credit card payment, support and maintenance.

3 Steps To a Successful Business

After a free review of your business, including search performance, prices, website, social media & booking channels, we identify
possibilities & areas for improvements


Mobilemaniac 2018

Step # 1

Get your basics straight

Based on our initial review, we decide the best options in order to increase your bookings, and we agree on the commission level, which is depending on the individual project. The implementations might end up with different needed adjustments, or even a total revamp of your whole online business.

Step # 2

Add website, booking system & booking sync

After 1st step, your online business is well optimized and running smoothly, with great performance in searches and bookings. Continue to the next level with a website designed by Mobilemaniac, with free hosting, booking system, and channel sync between your booking system, AirBnB, Tripadvisor and Booking.com.

Step # 3

Add channel management, API & Credit Card

After the 2nd step, continue further and get free channel management through our API, plus take credit card payments directly on your website. After this step, you can decide to let us keep managing your online business, choose to only keep channel manager, support and maintenance at a 7% commission, or do something else.

Tools & Channels

Note that your individual business might also benefit from other tools & channels.
Click a logo below to see an example case.
See a template based Website Example. Custom design also available.
google optimization

Google optimization

Be found, be consistent

Working with Google and their algoritms, we keep you on top of the competition, Tools are eg. statistics, Google My Business, Social media, sales points, text/image optimization, review management, SEO, competitor research, and creating a consistent profile over the whole internet.

air bnb management


Strong community, easy payments

Through personalized, timely guest support, image, text and price optimization, AirBnB SEO and algoritm work, we turn you into a succesful AirBnB Superhost - as long as you do what you do best - creating great 5 star experiences for your guests, that results in great reviews.

Trip advisor management


Trustworthy, reliable, biggest

With Tripadvisor, you need a website to get instant booking like AirBnb. Depending on your business, we work with Tripadvisor, and might temporarily send guests to book via booking.com. We work for example with images, profile optimization, personalized guest response, and review management.

booking dot com management


Wide distribution

With enough business, you can get instant payments on booking.com instead of invoices. When you have website, channel manager and payments on your website, you can take payments on at least these 4 channels. We will continuosly increase the number of channels via our API.

Stop after each step without any obligations if you are not satisfied - take with you what you have achieved already.

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