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Kilimanjaro Support

Kilimanjaro Webmaster offers personal help with your online business. Danish / English-speaking support, with the same contact assigned to each customer.

webmaster support agreement


Read the FAQ below for more information on what the Kilimanjaro Webmaster agreement includes:

  • How does support work?Open or Close

    You send an email to your regular support contact. We respond within our guaranteed response time, as outlined below. We also keep track of all events happening on your site, so all new contacts will not have to start from scratch if they are required to replace an existing one.

  • Support response timeOpen or Close

    We strive to answer the same day (within normal working hours of Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 17.00 CET) & will never respond later than the next day. If necessary, we are able to offer a priority service, whereby you are guaranteed same day support.

  • How does CAPTCHA work?Open or Close

    We us API driven recaptcha on your mail forms. Instead of giving your visitors annoying captcha challenges, the API is assessing if your visitor is a bot. If it does that, your visitor will be blocked from sending the message, and instead gets an info message for further action, in case the assessment was wrong. We can change the sensitivity of the captcha if that happens too often.

  • Site RestoreOpen or Close

    If your HTML site goes down, we'll restore it with the last backup (if you have another type of website other than HTML, please send us an email or order WordPress support). If it keeps going down (for example, due to improper handling by you, serious hacker attacks, etc.) you may need to purchase additional support to solve the problem.

  • What do you do if the site is hacked?Open or Close
  • What if I need extra support?Open or Close

    We have an hourly rate of $32 USD. In addition, you do not need to pay VAT. We give a 10% discount on the rate when you already have one of our support agreements.

  • Can my agreement be terminated?Open or Close

    Our webmaster agreements are paid one month in advance. They automatically expire if you do not renew. The first month you pay 138 USD to cover initial set-up costs.

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