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Tiger SEO

Is your website well optimized and does it give your visitors a good user experience? You can ensure all this and more with our advanced Tiger SEO package

technical Seo package

Read below for more information about what is included in our Tiger Technical SEO package.

  • A. SpeedOpen or Close

    Site load speed is a very important SEO parameter. We do the following in our technical SEO package:

    01. Minify & compress html, javascript & CSS files.
    02. Move javascript to the bottom of the page where possible.
    03. Reduce/combine the number of javascript & css files where possible.
    04. Add defer or async to javascript where possible, in order to avoid "traffic jam" at page load.
    05. Add CDN. Your visitors are served files that are located on the server closest to them.
    06. Gzip server compression. Reduces website size up til 90% & thereby increases the load speed.
    07. Images are manually compressed to reduce the size. 10-15% for JPG files, & up to 50% for PNG files.

  • B. IndexingOpen or Close

    To ensure that your website is indexed in the best possible way, we do the following:

    08. Set preferred URL (www/non-www/https) with Google domain verification. Avoid that your website exists in multiple versions.
    09. Check for duplicated meta tags, if they are missing completely, or do not match page content.
    10. Correct missing/wrong "alt" and/or id tags on images. They should match the page content.
    11. Check 404 error codes (Not found).
    12. Check for broken links. 301 redirect to valid, correspondent pages or fix links.
    13. Check the robots file, that nothing is blocked for being indexed. (On server). Also javascript & css files, which are often forgotten.
    14. Create XML sitemap & send it to Google. Link to the sitemap is added to the robots file.
    15. Create favicon & Apple/Android home screen icons if not there already.

  • C. Specifically related to the serverOpen or Close

    Aside from the services mentioned above, we also conduct the following services related to your server:

    16. Check the web host speed. If the server is slow, you might consider shifting to a faster one.
    17. Mobile redirects: Do not redirect visitors to your front page from all pages, but to the equivalent website page/vice versa
    18. Redirect links to non existing pages to good, existing pages. (Check-point 12 above)
    19. Add cache control if not there. Reduces server requests by holding content in the browsers cache.

  • D. Your business on GoogleOpen or Close

    Local search on mobile is bigger than on PC. Google has increased the visibility around local results on mobile, which means that Google My Business is of great importance for local SEO. Google's social network doesn't exist anymore, but Google My Business is used for adding information into maps & the attendant knowledge box for businesses appearing in search results. Use your business Google Plus as a news channel. You can be sure that Google takes advantage of its own near-monopoly & boosts its own network.

    20. Confirm Google My Business (Up to 2 weeks with snail mail from Google).
    21. Check that details, business hours, address, phone, images & links to your website are up to date.
    22. Add Google publisher link in the code of your website.

  • E. Mobile optimizationOpen or Close

    We check if the following need to be corrected:

    23. Are your website optimized for mobile browsing?
    24. Image optimization. Are the images larger than set in the css file?
    25. Do you use flash? This should be removed.
    26. Do you use pop-ups on the mobile version? This should be deactivated.

  • F. StructureOpen or Close

    27. Internal links are often an overlooked way to improve rankings, as the keywords used in internal linking can help to improve your ranking with those keywords, even without any external links that connect to the page. You can also control which of your important pages are shown in Google's results.

    - Which pages get more traffic than they are worth?
    - Which pages get less traffic than they are worth & need a little help?
    - Are there links to your most important pages from the landing page?

    28. "Silo". This involves breaking your content up into different categories so that the internal structure facilitates search engine indexing, as these work by following links. In doing so, search engines can more easily evaluate page relevance. This is also connected to internal linking, & can cause changes in your menu & set up 301 permanent redirects of pages.

    29. Structured data is a way of describing content for search engines, & can be inserted into your HTML code. You do not get a direct boost in ranking, but it increases your Click Through Rate (CTR), which can tell Google that your page is more popular than those around you & thus indirectly boost your ranking.
    Structured data is what you might see in some search results, such as star ratings.

  • G. Tiger SEO termsOpen or Close

    Our Tiger Technical SEO package is valid for a maximum of 20 pages & is paid in advance. We deliver a variety of documentation, such as screen shots. Furthermore, you will get our report with recommendations for possible further action. Delivery is within 1 week.
    Please note that as a serious business, we do not promise a specific placement in Google. You will still have to do keyword research & work with your content. However, we do promise that by implementing this SEO package, there will be no technical factors which drag your website down.

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